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Lawrence Taylor Featured in Playboy Article

Lawrence Taylor and Reader in Law Enforcement debate “The Finer Points of DUI Law”

2008 | Mar 26

Lawrence Taylor was recently featured in “The Advisor,” an online blog published by Playboy. The article discusses if an individual has the right to refuse a field sobriety test by an officer.

Writer, Chip Rowe, follows up on a question asked by a reader in January: Can a driver refuse a field sobriety test if pulled over by a police officer on suspicion of drunk driving? The article includes a call-and-response between Lawrence Taylor and one of The Advisor’s readers. This reader, G.E., resides in Florida and claimed to work in law enforcement; he spoke out from the opposing side of the debate.

The Advisor took their stance while asking a good question: “We’re not trying to help drunk drivers “get off.” But we also don’t assume, as G.E. seems to, that every person who is pulled over and/or arrested on suspicion of drunk driving is guilty. Should you make a deal with a prosecutor if you’re not guilty?”

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