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San Diego DUI Lawyers Note Rise in Female Arrests

The number of women seeking legal services for DUI charges has risen

2009 | Aug 27

San Diego DUI attorneys are noticing a steep increase in the number of women seeking legal representation for DUI arrests throughout San Diego County.

Lawrence Taylor, known as “The Dean of DUI Attorneys” and author of the book Drunk Driving Defense, confirms that “Each San Diego DUI attorney in our firm has observed a steadily rising percentage of female San Diego drunk driving clients in recent years.” Taylor, who heads a nationally-known firm of California DUI defense attorneys, reports similar trends reported by his Los Angeles DUI lawyers and Orange County DUI lawyers.

Taylor’s experiences are not unique. The FBI recently released evidence of this trend – statistics from 1998-2007 indicating an increase of nearly 29 percent for women driving under the influence of alcohol. This can be compared to a 7.5 percent decrease for men.

Further confirmation comes from a recent DUI fatality study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The agency looked at the number of female drunk drivers involved in fatal crashes from 2007 to 2008 and found that the female DUI rate increased or remained flat in 15 states, compared to 13 states for male DUI involved fatalities. This is noteworthy, since the overall number of DUI cases decreased 9 percent nationwide. About 2,000 fatalities a year now involve a female driver arrested for DUI.

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Daniel Stanton

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