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California DUI Lawyer Confirms Nationwide DUI Crackdown

DUI Attorney Lawrence Taylor Reports Arrests Up

2009 | Aug 27

Los Angeles DUI lawyer Lawrence Taylor, known as the “Dean of DUI Attorneys”, confirms initial results of the ongoing 18-day nationwide crackdown on drunk driving in California.

Backed by $17 million in federal funds, the highly publicized “Over the Limit, Under Arrest” program started last Friday and will continue through the Labor Day weekend. Increased DUI roadblocks and patrols throughout California are being employed, with much of the federal funding being used to pay for police overtime pay.

Taylor, author of the legal textbooks Drunk Driving Defense and California Drunk Driving Defense and head of a law firm of eight California DUI defense attorneys, reports sharply higher numbers of clients seeking help for DUI arrests. With offices across California, Taylor’s DUI lawyers report substantial increases in San Diego DUI and Orange County DUI arrests, with slightly lower increases in the number of clients facing Los Angeles DUI and San Francisco DUI charges.

The noted DUI lawyer recommends that drivers be particularly vigilant, avoiding even the after-work cocktail during this period. “Although only one or two drinks are highly unlikely to cause impairment,” Taylor says, “the mere presence of alcohol on the breath can lead to suspicion of drunk driving, a very possibly inaccurate DUI breath test -- and a DUI arrest.”

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Daniel Stanton

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