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California DUI Attorneys Commended by ABA Journal

Lawrence Taylor and firm is recognized by the American Bar Association Journal

2009 | Nov 10

Long Beach, California, Oct. 19 -- California DUI lawyer Lawrence Taylor, known nationally as the “Dean of DUI Defense”, has been recognized along with his firm of DUI attorneys in the American Bar Association Journal (vol.1, issue 47) for their expertise and specialization.

In an article entitled “MADD and MADDer: Today’s DUI Defense Bar Is More Focused and Aggressive Than Ever Before”, the ABA Journal observed:

The tremendous success of Mothers Against Drunk Driving and other groups in their campaigns for tougher drunken driving laws and increased law enforcement has led to an inevitable backlash.

It comes in the form of a highly specialized, sophisticated and aggressive DUI defense bar that specializes in representing drivers charged with driving under the influence…

Interviewed by the Journal, the California DUI attorney, author of the best-selling legal treatise Drunk Driving Defense, explained the changing nature of the DUI defense field:

"Ours is a unique field because a lawyer’s job is usually to blow smoke and create reasonable doubt," says Lawrence Taylor, one of California’s more successful DUI lawyers. "Defense attorneys are expected to do that, but what I find nice about DUI work is that we get to wear white hats – though maybe not in the eyes of a judge or jury or MADD. But we’re trying to find the truth."

In 1995, Taylor and some other prominent DUI lawyers around the country formed the National College for DUI Defense, Inc., based in Houston. The mission statement for the 900-member group, which holds an annual seminar at Harvard Law School, declares that more innocent people are convicted of DUI than for any other crime…

The Journal then cited the DUI lawyers and staff at the Law Offices of Lawrence Taylor for their expertise and specialization in DUI defense:

At Taylor’s Los Angeles-area firm, specialization goes beyond the eight lawyers. The firm’s Web site, www.duicentral.com, is loaded with information and links concerning DUI cases. The staff includes:

  • A forensic toxicologist who is a former supervisor of DUI testing for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s crime lab.
  • A former hearing officer for the California Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • A former 20-year California Highway Patrol officer.
  • A former Santa Ana police officer who was on that department’s DUI Task Force.

For more information on California DUI laws and procedures, visit the law firm’s public service resource center at http://www.duicenter.com. Inquiries may be directed to the firm’s professional website at http://www.duicentral.com or by contacting its main Los Angeles office: 562.989.4774.

Daniel Stanton

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Lawrence Taylor have an average experience of 18 years; the firm has specialized only in DUI defense since 1979. More information about Mr. Taylor's firm can be found at their homepage, www.duicentral.com.