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Lawrence Taylor Presents New DUI Video Library

DUI Defense Video Library includes newly released interview with Lawrence Taylor

2010 | Jul 13

The Law Offices of Lawrence Taylor announces the launch of a new DUI Defense video library at Videos.DUICentral.com.

The video library includes 13 newly published segments of a 45 minute interview conducted by Richard Jacobs of MyDUIAttorney.org. Jacobs asks Taylor crucial questions related to DUI defense including "Are tougher DUI laws making it harder to defense a DUI client?" and "What are the most serious consequences of a drunk driving conviction?"

For more information on this interview, please visit the article at PRWeb DUI News: Lawrence Taylor’s myDUIattorney.org Interview Is Released.

You can view all of Lawrence Taylor's DUI defense videos at the library at The Law Offices of Lawrence Taylor's Video Library.

Daniel Stanton

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