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Lawrence Taylor is featured Coast Orange County Magazine

Q & A Session of crucial DUI Defense questions to ask

2010 | Sep 20

Coast Magazine, based out of Orange County, California, featured Lawrence Taylor for a Q & A session on crucial DUI questions that should be asked by individuals accused of driving under the influence.

The article, titled Lawrence Taylor, DUI Defense Exclusively begins with the question "What is the most crucial thing that someone arrested for a DUI should know?" To which Taylor answers, "Recognize that DUI is the most difficult crime to defend correctly..."

Other questions asked of Mr. Taylor include, "Should you take a breath or alcohol test?"; "Should a person refuse to answer the officer's questions?"; and "Is it an exaggeration to say your life can be damaged by a DUI conviction?".

Coast magazine has their homepage at www.CoastMagazine.com. The article Lawrence Taylor, DUI Defense Exclusively can be viewed in Coast's August 2010 print edition.

Daniel Stanton

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