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California Lawyer, Okorie Okorocha, fighting courts acussing them of denying clients the right to trial

Lawrence Taylor quoted by Westlaw News and Insight

2011 | Mar 08

California DUI lawyer, Lawrence Taylor, was quoted by Westlaw News and Insight in an article regarding DUI defense lawyer, Okorie Okorocha, who is currently in a battle against the courts, prosecutors, and the state of California. Okorocha is accusing the courts of denying clients their right to trial by making it difficult for attorneys to schedule court dates for their clients.

Taylor was quoted saying, although it is uncommon, some judges will make scheduling intentionally very difficult to coerce defense attorneys, and subsequently their clients, into settling.

For the full story, visit Westlaw News and Insight at http://westlawnews.thomson.com/California_Litigation/News/2011/03_-_March/California_lawyer_fights_courts_on_DUI_pleas/.

Daniel Stanton

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